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Scuba Diving in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a 100% must do experience. Andaman is a great diving location. The ocean reminds us to be present and that we are small in the grand scheme of things. I think it’s important to practice mindfulness when visiting the ocean to get the most out of the experience. Be aware of the sounds and sights around you.

Coral reefs full of life are common in the Andaman Islands and we welcome you to take a journey into this world with us. Scroll down to read further about our Scuba diving programs for beginners.

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Boat Dive at Havelock

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Dive at Port Blair

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Dive At Havelock

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Dive At Port Blair

Dive At Neil Island


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Is it safe?

It’s absolutely safe provided you do this with a certified dive-master. Andaman Travel Guide works with only Certified Dive Shops/Resorts.

Even kids can do scuba diving. And they enjoy it A LOT!

When it comes to adventure sports safety is always the first priority and we work only with the most experienced operators in this field.
  • 10000+ certified divers every year.
  • 100000+ dives conducted.
  • Zero accident record.
  • World-class equipments.
  • Premium boats.
  • 5-star dive centers.

Need to know before you go Scuba Diving:


  • Age Requirement: 12+ years
  • The course is not suitable for: pregnant women and people suffering from diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, and heart conditions among others
  • No-fly time of 24 hrs after the dive

Should you book a Boat dive or a Shore dive?

Note: We are currently not offering Shore Dives. But don’t be discouraged, Boat Dives are always more fun and the underwater world is always richer.
If you have any questions or doubts at all, don’t hesitate to call or text us! You can also book a call with us.

Here are some differences between each type of dive to help you make an informed decision:

Shore Dive
Boat Dive
Dive at the beautiful reef at Beach No. 2
Dive off a boat at a picturesque location close to Havelock
Great for beginners who may be mildly uncomfortable in the water
Perfect for beginners who are fully comfortable in the water
Due to its immense popularity, this spot can get a little crowded.
An exclusive experience at more secluded spots
Can spot some colourful fish like clownfish & parrotfish. May also be able to spot a turtle close to nesting season!
Rich Underwater Reef Life with many species of fish and other marine life!

Insider tip to make the most of Scuba Diving

On the day of scuba diving do not keep your itinerary busy or add another adventurous activity. Scuba diving is a fun activity but it also tires your body. If you want a relaxed holiday, indulge in scuba diving and then do some relaxed sightseeing for the rest of the day.

Millions of Questions?

Some of the frequently Asked Questions by the Travellers are listed below, IF you have any other questions please feel free to   us Anytime!

  • You will get a confirmation on the email ID that you use for booking. That will have the details of the location and dive shop you have to go to.
  • Go to the dive shop as instructed in the email.
  • Fill in your dive and waiver form (standard procedure)
  • And You are All Set to explore the world underwater.


  • Scuba Instructor
  • All dive equipment
  • Photos and Video of Underwater experience.


  • Pick-up and drop at resort

Scuba Diving is a safe water activity that is done by thousands of people across the world, daily. It is recommended that you have a decent level of fitness like being able to walk for 45 mins without getting tired. All Instructors and dive masters are equipped with internationally recognized certifications and are trained in dive supervision, diver rescue and Emergency First Response (EFR).

People with disabilities, pregnant women, people with back issues and respiratory illnesses are strictly not allowed to Scuba Dive.

You can do scuba diving even if you do not know how to swim. You will always be accompanied by an experienced instructor or dive master. They’re there to help you stay comfortable underwater and will assist you at all times.

Wear your swim-wear or you can even wear a quick-dry shirt and shorts. A wetsuit will be provided at the dive shop that will be worn over this. Wear flip-flops when you go to the dive shop. It is advisable not to wear sports shoes, heels or boots.


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