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Parasailing in Andaman Islands

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Parasailing is one of the most thrilling and awaited activities in Andamans. Parasailing in Andaman Islands first started its operations at Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Port Blair and also at North Bay Island. This activity gives you a chance to look at the beautiful island from an excellent perspective. All the safety measures to keep you safe and sound during the trip are looked into carefully by the experts.  

During Parasailing in Andaman, you first get on a boat either at Carbyns or at North Bay. The boat starts its journey and you gear up on the boat with necessary safety harness. Next, you are slowly let on the sail and in no time you are up in the air witnessing magnificent views on the islands. Parasailing is worth it and you will surely love your experience. Parasailing can also be done at Havelock Island as well.


Parasailing at Port Blair

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Parasailing at Havelock

Best Parasailing Experience in Havelock

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Parasailing At Port Blair

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Parasailing At Havelock


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How It Works?

  • You will be given a 10 minute oral training about the best practices to follow during your adventure.
  • The paragliding chute will be secured around your waist and chest, and will be connected and locked to the pulling apparatus on the boat.
  • Next, we will take you to the open sea, pretty close to the Carbyn’s Cove Beach, where your awesome venture will begin.


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